Malik TECH Solution

About US

Malik Tech Proudly serving the world’s top companies with smart software
technology form many decades.
From when we have started to where we are now, Malik Tech has been progressing
as an company that leads change for everyone.


Over Decades of Experience:

With over experience in providing state-of-the-art software solutions, cost-effective
capabilities and consulting services to the global software market, we cater to big
companies & small businesses with ever growing and diverse methodologies for their gain.

Best Track Record:

Malik Tech taps into its strong business acumen to find solutions to the unique set of
challenges and constraints imposed by each new project and delivers solutions that
fill performance gaps. We have a proven track record of successfully meeting
deadlines and executing the most complex projects within budget while consistently
maintaining the highest quality provided for you in software industry.

Service Levels Ensured:

As a team of professionals, we ensure that our clients get dedicated attention from
the best minds in the industry for their build software & services. We boast an
impressive portfolio of several quality awards which further solidify our dominance
and status as the finest global service providers.


Pioneers of Our Industry:

Malik Tech maintains its position as a leader in providing innovative solutions to the
global software industry & solutions provider. We take pride in being the first
organization in the industry to introduce digital transformation and launch a
complete line of digital solutions. We introduced our digital suite to help companies
tap into the advantages of digitization and mobility while taking control of the
challenges inherent in this environment.